A comprehensive guide to forecasting financial markets

Fractal Forecasting
within an integrated technical analysis framework

Fractal Forecasting is a comprehensive update of a forecasting methodology centred around a framework of integrated analysis techniques that guides and controls the ratio projections in Harmonic Elliott Wave. The book provides a thorough description of Harmonic Elliott Wave (updated from my 2010 book) along with insights to key support and resistance areas, use of indicators that provide complementary information about price development. 

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Harmonic Elliott Wave (HEW) is the most intriguing new breed of Wave Principle I have ever encountered since I initially started using the Wave Principle over 20 years ago.  One of the largest advantages of HEW, in my opinion, is that HEW’s consistent ratio structure significantly reduces the subjectivity of wave counting inherent in the conventional Wave Principle.  Also, HEW projects a single uniform structure under a forward-looking (ex-ante) discipline.  This significantly reduces the need to adjust a wave count.  Even when adjusting is made, the discipline of the ratio structure still must be adhered to.  Furthermore, the eradication of extended waves, failed fifths and leading/lagging diagonals also dispenses with the need to persistently re-label wave counts in hindsight.  With far-reaching implications for traders and investors everywhere, I recommend this book as a must-read for anyone interested in the Wave Principle.

Akira Homma, CFA, CIIA, CMA, CFTe, CMT, FRM
Vice President (Asia-Pacific), International Federation of Technical Analysts (IFTA)

Director, Chief International Officer, Nippon Technical Analysts Association of Japan (NTAA)

Ian Copsey’s third technical analysis book achieves what many others have attempted, yet failed to provide; a logical and methodical approach to wave counting. Copsey combines the best elements of his first two books to provide a complete analytical framework which traders and analysts of all levels would benefit from reading. The combination of congruent techniques, indicators, advantages and their flaws are worthy of a book in itself. Knowing how to objectively invalidate your analysis is another gem in this book, which is a topic which tends to get glossed over in others.
 Presenting such detailed analysis and forecasting abilities is no easy task, yet Copsey manages to do just that with real-world examples and a well-thought out methodology, in a format which is easy to digest.
 Copsey is an “analysts’ analyst” who has always strived for quality and accuracy, and the techniques and methodology he openly shares in this book are a direct reflection of his caliber. Here is the man who changed the way I look at a price chart forever and I am sure he will do the same for you. 

 Matt Simpson 
Senior Market Analyst


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