Monday, August 12, 2019


I’m sitting here, looking at the range of pairs and I can’t see a balance between them all. Perhaps I’ve not caught things correctly. Just as an example, EURUSD appears to need losses while GBPUSD needs gains. It doesn’t seem correct. If there is any alternative in EURUSD, perhaps we have seen a triangle and could just see gains and that would see a new high but with a limit at 1.1266… Seems a bit lame.

I’d suggest taking care. I still feel that EURUSD should see losses. As for GBPUSD, well, should it just goes lower, then I’ll have to look for my error…

At least, we have USDJPY moving down to the target I have suggested and that should also provide further bearish momentum for EURJPY also. 

For the final conundrum, the Aussie hasn’t formed a bearish divergence. Ideally, we should see a second rally before going lower – an ideally with a bearish divergence. However, just keep in mind that we may just see losses. 

Have a profitable week.
Ian Copsey

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