Wednesday, January 30, 2019


Yesterday was a rather lacklustre day but did manage to generate some targets. I suspect that we are going through the lower degrees to build the higher degree development that will finally provide the stronger Dollar gains. In this respect, it tends to suggest a rather ragged development that can be rather difficult to judge targets. Once we get to the higher degree levels there should be an easier process to define the larger degree targets. 

I’m still rather uncertain about EURUSD, whether it has seen the final high – or not. Having said that, USDCHF managed a modestly decent rally but even here we are looking at the lower degrees to build the higher degrees. 

At last, GBPUSD generated decent losses. However, it’s still in the lower degrees so there is going to be some swings later on – but then to find the higher degree. 

There’s still a risk of a minor new high in EURJPY but it was a rather difficult outlook. I sense that we could see some consolidation before we actually get EURUSD to see stronger losses along with GBPUSD. 

As for the Aussie, I’ve found the decline rather difficult but yesterday’s additional losses and pullback tends to suggest a Wave -a- and perhaps the Wave -b- - but could be higher. Once again, even here down-under appears to be building the higher degrees still. 

Good trading
Ian Copsey  

Tuesday, January 29, 2019




The market really didn’t want to see the Dollar go higher and for much of the day, it managed to keep to a sideways move. However, as far as I can see, we are looking to see the Dollar begin to form some decent gains. For the most part of the pairs, it seems to suggest a direct move higher in the Dollar. USDJPY and USDCHF have barely any room on the downside having completed a triple three in USDJPY and in USDCHF a move down to just over 2-3 points of my expected extreme. 

GBPUSD surprised. I had thought that we would have seen a minor new high but it seems that the mini blip was a Wave a/v and Wave b/v that led up to Friday’s high. EURUSD managed a new high but that was to confirm a triple three.

So… now for Dollar gains…

If there is a slightly contrary market it’s AUDUSD. However, all it needs is a relatively limited pullback before losses resume. 

As for EURJPY, there could be some consolidation with EURUSD expected to see losses while USDJPY will see gains. However, over time, we should begin to see the cross go lower.

Good trading
Ian Copsey  

Monday, January 28, 2019




Very clearly, I was shocked on Saturday morning to see the Dollar having whipped lower. I felt quite rueful because in EURUSD I had a forecast (back from the (brown) Wave -b-) to the exact low of the decline. However, I clearly fuddled the earlier shallow Wave v. The good news is that we’ll soon see a reversal back to the Dollar upside. This should also see GBPUSD provide one more blip higher before a reversal – to confirm a double zigzag. 

So, in the Asian centre, we’re likely to see some mini swings to the Dollar downside, including USDJPY and USDCHF, before reversing back to the upside. Equally, AUDUSD managed a deep pullback as expected but it has very little wriggle room on the upside. I quite like seeing the range of pairs correlating.

Having seen the rush higher in EURJPY, we have likely completed a double zigzag. Best allow a minor new high but I tend to suspect we have already seen the high…

Have a profitable week
Ian Copsey  

Friday, January 25, 2019


The rat was correct and we’re back on the Dollar bullish route. Having said that, we have been seeing some pretty strong development that tends to suggest a robust follow-through. However, the U.S. left us at a Wave [a]/[iii] and that’ll need a pullback but probably a modest one. In USDJPY there’s a risk of a minor pullback lower to then see gains – and this could be the same in USDCHF. However, over the day, the outlook should return back to the Dollar upside.

GBPUSD has been a bit tough. I’d like to think that we have seen the final high but I’m not exactly confident. As I write I have seen a shooting star reaching 1.3129. I suspect we shall see a bit higher too. We do have bearish divergences but ideally, I’d like the 1.3176 (+/-) pullback to see losses. However, it’s a rather contrary outlook between EURUSD and GBPUSD… This could be a difficult development.

EURJPY has been seeing some decent losses but is now requiring a pullback – basically similar to EURUSD. This will then continue the downside.

The Aussie needs a minor follow-through lower for a pullback…

Have a great weekend
Ian Copsey  

Wednesday, January 23, 2019


Yesterday was a bit of a mixed development. What we have seen is a 5-wave decline in USDJPY followed by a pullback to 109.62 so we should be looking for losses. We also saw a lower level in EURUSD to form the (brown) Wave –a-. So this means that the 4 majors are in sync in terms of a bearish Dollar – and that also allows the Aussie to see a pullback higher. 

What I think I have found is that we have seen a Wave (a) and as long as the 109.47 level does not break, we should see a second decline and later a pullback in Wave ii. That suggests that we’re going to see some solid losses in the Dollar. Along with that, EURUSD needs to see a deep-ish correction higher, USDCHF for a deeper decline. How quickly or slowly this develops is the only issue. Therefore, follow the swings and over today and, most likely tomorrow, we may finally reach the Dollar bearish pullback.  

As for EURJPY, it looks like a swing higher and reversal. 

Good trading
Ian Copsey  

Tuesday, January 22, 2019


As expected, yesterday was a slow old day with very limited development. We are on the cusp of seeing the Dollar reverse back to the downside although USDJPY appears to have jumped the gun – and perhaps USDCHF also. We just need EURUSD to see a final new low for the reversal. From Friday, GBPUSD I left it on the expectation for a new high. Over the weekend I realised there was a mini-minor Wave v. So we have seen a final rally. At this point, it is correcting higher. So once EURUSD has completed its decline we’ll be back on the Dollar downside. 

Now, having seen some decent Dollar gains, the problem we shall have is that through the pairs there is a range of development on the Dollar downside. USDJPY has already started, as I mentioned, but has a relatively limited downside while USDCHF has potentially a deeper Wave a/iii as does EURUSD. In GBPUSD, well it has a limited pullback compared to the others. Therefore, if we average this out, the pullbacks high lower in the Dollar appears to suggest a relatively limited correction. 

AUDUSD is still in sleep mode. It has limited upside but the potential for losses. As for EURJPY… Zzzzzz… However, we have a bullish move in EURUSD once it has formed its low while USDJPY looks like having a sleep. 

I suspect a slow day.

Good trading
Ian Copsey  

Wednesday, January 16, 2019


For the most part, I was satisfied with the gains in the Dollar. That GBPUSD completed a 5-wave decline, it was always going to see a pullback and it was quite a rush back higher. Clearly, the fumbling of what is happening in the UK is rather an embarrassment. However, it should see losses…

For EURUSD and USDCHF seem to have the same type of development – a follow-through on the Dollar upside and I’d suspect it may end into the North American session. This should see 
a (blue) Wave -a-/-iii- in USDCHF and a (brown) Wave -a-/-iii- in EURUSD. So they’ll need a pullback.

USDJPY is a bit tricky as we may have alternatives – either an expanded flat or a break higher. 

The Aussie has yet to find its high but it looks like managing that (finally…) so watch for the reversal lower.

The slow and very steady EURJPY has now found a Wave -a- and therefore we’ll need a pullback higher…

Good trading
Ian Copsey  


Tuesday, January 15, 2019


Barring some potential minor (Dollar) losses in the early stages, I feel that we should be looking for the Dollar to begin the initial bullish foundation waves. It seems that EURUSD has already started the process along with GBPUSD that edged a little higher than I forecast – but still in the range of a Wave v. It would be nice to see AUDUSD finally complete the rally we have been seeing. Once that has been confirmed it should begin the downside slide.

As we go through the day, we should begin to see further Dollar gains. USDJPY has completed a double zigzag – perhaps it can complete a triple three. USDCHF could be similar – just a minor new dip. As normal, the Asian start tends to be rather sleepy.

Once we get into the Asian/European session the Dollar should begin the process of the bullish foundation waves and then higher into the U.S. session. 

As for EURJPY, I feel we have found the (brown) Wave [a] and – most likely – the Wave [b] also. Perhaps there could be some minor new highs in the Wave [b]. However, overall this should see losses…

Good trading
Ian Copsey  

Monday, January 14, 2019


For the most part, Friday was basically as I had expected. It was just GBPUSD and AUDUSD that ruined the plot. That GBPUSD made a break above 1.2815 provoked a huge rewrite of the decline from the 1.3175 high, Basically, the 1.2477 low was the (purple) Wave [a] and this was followed by a pullback – new low and we should complete the expanded flat pretty soon. This will then require losses. The Aussie broke above the break level that effectively saw the 0.6684 low to form a Wave [i]. However, both of these problems will be short lived …

Otherwise, USDJPY needs a new high for a pullback. EURUSD should see losses – for a pullback. USDCHF … well, it looks to be looking to the upside. 

This just leaves EURJPY to complete a pullback higher and then back lower…  

Have a profitable week
Ian Copsey  

Friday, January 11, 2019


We have begun to develop the Dollar bullish foundation waves. They’re now quite done. EURUSD has formed a Wave i so we need a pullback in Wave ii. GBPUSD has only managed a meagre Wave a so we need to confirm the Wave b for losses to the Wave c/i. USDCHF found it’s low and from there it soared higher to form a Wave i.

In the meantime, USDJPY has formed a Wave -a- and it looks like we’re seeing an expanded flat to form the Wave -b- so that will then need a 5-wave rally to form the Wave -i- and thus will need a Wave -ii-. 

The Aussie has found its high and has formed the bearish Wave -i- and we’ll need to confirm the Wave -ii- for losses to resume.

EURJPY has also formed a Wave i but we may see a pullback higher but I doubt it will be too high but ideally above 124.79 and once the high has been confirmed the downside should continue.

Have a great weekend
Ian Copsey  

Thursday, January 10, 2019




As mentioned yesterday, the market loves to make things difficult. If you recall the puzzle in EURUSD, well it appears that the 1stJanuary high was valid and at 1.1586. The Wave -ii- was 90%. After the deep losses in GBPUSD we saw a 97.4% pullback in Wave (ii) and so AUDUSD decided to follow with a 90.6% retracement in the Wave b/iii. 

Meanwhile, USDJPY was my failure but I struggled to define the development with all the scratchy development. The 109.09 high appears to have been the (blue) Wave i and therefore we have to look for the Wave ii and that appears to need another pullback lower first…

Even USDCHF made a new low but seems to have been a final Wave b/v. This pair is a total pain in the backside but… we should now see stronger Dollar gains now.

To complete the final pair – EURJPY – we have probably seen the final high in the (brown) Wave (b) so we should expect losses, particularly because USDJPY appears to need losses along with EURUSD. 

Good trading
Ian Copsey  

Wednesday, January 9, 2019


Gosh, the market loves to make things difficult. Clearly, we’re at the early stages of the Dollar rally and we have quite some way to go but we should see limited corrections and – at some point – we’ll begin to see the rally accelerate. Certainly, the Asian centre normally provides limited moves and I suspect we’re going to see a pullback lower first. Once that has been completed the Dollar upside should begin to see that acceleration. Both EURUSD and GBPUSD are in this situation.

I’ve taken a different outlook for USDJPY. I doubt we’ll see acceleration but the risk of a triangle – or just a 3-wave rally. This should also see USDCHF pushing higher…

I’m debating whether the Aussie will drop lower – or a final new high before losses begin to develop. Take note of the break level as I’ve mentioned but I doubt we’ll see that breached. 

As for EURJPY, we should soon see a high for a reversal. Ideally this should be a limited break above the current high for a reversal lower… Let’s face it, EURUSD and GBPUSD are likely to see decent losses over the day.

Good trading
Ian Copsey  

Monday, January 7, 2019


After a break over the Xmas period, I'm back and now the market has settled we should see some decent gains in the Dollar.

I have looked into the curious case of the EURUSD highs. We have three options: the 1.1586 high, the 1.1496 high and 1.1479. The 1.1586 high was on the 1stJanuary but I’m discounting that as an aberration due to the extreme lack of liquidity. I have 1.1496 from FXPro on the 2ndJanuary and finally the Reuters high at 1.1479. I have decided to use the Reuters price – but allow for 1.1496. I shall follow both the FXPro and Reuters to try and validate the correct structure. 

Friday’s much deeper pullback in GBPUSD came as a surprise. There is still a risk of a minor new high along with EURUSD, USDCHF and USDJPY but I suspect we should see the Dollar reverse back to the upside pretty quickly – perhaps it could even see direct Dollar gains. Either way, it should see the Dollar pushing higher over the day. 

EURJPY is rather difficult. We have a rising wedge although I feel it needs to move higher but that will need a stronger push higher in USDJPY and maybe a break above the (brown) Wave -b- in EURUSD. Therefore, take care once we have seen some more constructive development after the open.

As for AUDUSD, I can’t say we have any bearish reversal indications but we have already seen a very deep Wave [b]/[iii] so there really isn’t much room on the upside. Therefore, still focus on the Dollar upside.

Have a profitable week
Ian Copsey