Tuesday, September 11, 2018


Bullish GBPUSD, bullish USDCHF, bullish USDJPY and bullish EURUSD. Hey, guess what? A bullish EURJPY. It was only AUDUSD that managed to see some “normal” development – although not that it really made much of a deal.

So what have we got now? Well, GBPUSD should see gains. EURUSD should see gains. Oh, and USDCHF should see gains. Should I have mentioned EURJPY? Well, ok it will make gains but limited and that will be due to the fact that we are likely to see a pullback lower in USDJPY.

Since EURJPY is seeing an expanded flat, we’re likely to see limited gains only. The same can be said of EURUSD. The outstanding pair is still GBPUSD that still has a way to go higher. Once that has found the high it should trigger a reversal back to the downside.

Once all that strange and wonderful development has been completed we should begin to go back to normality.

Good trading
Ian Copsey  

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