Monday, April 30, 2018


We’ve seen some pretty steady Dollar gains over the past two weeks. For the first few days of this week, we look like seeing some whippy development. I suspect that we’ll see some minor gains in the Dollar as the week begins but, at some point, we’re going to need a pause in the Dollar gains. It suggests a modest correction but one that may take a day or three to develop – I suspect. Perhaps we’ll need to cope with consolidation from time to time.

Certainly, USDJPY has topped out for now along with USDCHF. That doesn’t mean we can’t see a correction higher early on. The sudden losses in GBPUSD over Friday were rather unexpected but only sets the Pound up for a correction higher – but as mentioned above, this shouldn’t be too deep. However, EURUSD looks like losses and a pullback. 

I rather suspect that the Aussie needs to follow the EURUSD template while EURJPY may have a choppy start but over the coming days it looks like seeing a correction higher.

So, through the majors, there are some differing developments as the week begins but overall it tends to lend to short-term trading rather than a trend this week.

Have a profitable week
Ian Copsey  

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