Monday, August 8, 2016

Onto the next stage

The NFP clearly had its impact. I could have kicked myself in EURUSD. Since the 27th July, I had the target for the top between 1.1225-75 but failed to notice the deep Wave (b)/(v)… Thus, the direct break below 1.1092 has provided us with the next phase. However, there is still some confusion in GBPUSD that bugs me and USDCHF required a lot of attention in the rally from 0.9521. Therefore, there are still some kinks that need to be attended to.

While Friday’s release obviously provoked a sharp move higher in the Dollar, it hasn’t been a rip-roaring, guns blazing move and I suspect we’ll return to a sense of “normality.” Frankly, that has been the general norm since April 2015. Trend? Who wants a daily trend? (Well, I do!) Seriously, look at the daily chart in EURUSD from the 1.0462 low around the middle of March last year… So basically, while I could make a fool of myself, the odds favour a reversion back to the previous status quo. Indeed, there are several options open so I think we need to tread carefully today.

The Aussie has hardly been an easy pair to follow. Friday’s reaction was a lot less frenetic as compared to the Europeans and there is a strong chance that it will be a renegade and continue with its addiction to the upside. The only caveat is that it wouldn’t take too much on the downside to complicate the outcome. This is another pair that has a less than stable structure at the moment.

Finally, the JPY pairs… USDJPY reacted along with the Europeans with the gains in the Dollar. The decline from the end of July has hardly been an exemplary example of a trend. It is now at a point where it either needs to see a break higher – or, of course, a break lower. If I look at EURJPY, I can’t see that we’ve completed the downside that suggests that either USDJPY or EURUSD must drive that move. From my comments above on EURUSD, that tends to suggest that it will be USDJPY…

Have a profitable week
Ian Copsey  

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